Points Awards

Points Awards

Turn your course points into prizes

As you complete courses, the points you earn give you access to prizes. The points and prizes are listed below.

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200Task 1 essential writing marking
500Task 2 essential writing marking
1000Task 1 advanced writing marking
1500Task 2 advanced writing marking
2000Practice speaking test and feedback
2500a 1-hour 1 to 1 lesson

James has earned 500 points from his courses and can collect the first two prizes. This means he can send us one task 1 report or letter and one task 2 essay for essential feedback.

Sarah has earned 1500 points and can collect the first four prizes. She can send us two task 1 reports or letters and two task 2 essays. We will provide essential feedback for two of the tasks and advanced feedback for two of the tasks.

Points Summary
  • Complete courses to receive course points
  • Use your course points to gain access to free prizes
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