Grammar Courses

3 Courses | 26 lessons

Grammar is a very important part of the language you need to get a high IELTS band score. This is especially true in the writing and speaking parts of the test, where for a band 7, around 50% or more of the sentences you produce should be without grammatical errors.

Begin your journey to better grammar with our Key Grammar course below.

Key Grammar

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These lessons cover much of the intermediate grammar you need for the IELTS test, including complex noun phrases, articles and compound sentences.

13 lessons | 8 hours | FREE

Complex Noun Phrases

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Develop an understanding of complex noun phrases to add depth to your writing and speaking.

4 lessons | 3 hours | FREE

Dependant Clauses

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To form complex sentences you need to know what clauses are and how to use them. This course of 9 lessons will teach you how.

9 lessons | 5 hours | FREE