Type: noun

Definitions: (noun) Resolution is the power to try even when things are difficult. (noun) A resolution is a personal decision to do something. (noun) Resolution is the amount of detail that you can see in an image. (noun) A resolution is a formal decision, often after a vote. (noun) A resolution is a solution to a disagreement or difficult situation.

Examples: (noun) Her resolution to be honest never weakened. (noun) My New Year’s resolution was to quit smoking. (noun) This camera is cheaper, but, of course, the resolution is much lower. (noun) The U.S. may choose to support a Security Council resolution that includes more foreign weapon site inspections. (noun) They came to a resolution after two days of arguing. (noun) The school holds classes in nonviolent conflict resolution.

Synonyms: nouns: answer, decision, conclusion. decision, result, answer. detail. decision, choice. will, strength.

Academic Word List Sublist and Group: 4 E