Type: noun, adjective

Definitions: (noun) A radical is a person whose views are very different from most people. (adjective) A radical idea, policy, etc. is one that is new and different; not standard. (adjective) A radical change, difference, etc. is very big and important.

Examples: (noun) Much change came from young radicals, overturning the post war consensus, rolling back the state, liberalizing markets, and transforming the political economy. (noun) Leading radicals have called for a two-hour general strike on Monday. (adjective) We need to make radical changes if we want to stop global warming. (adjective) In a totalitarian society there is no more radical emotion than disbelief. (adjective) Many voices are calling for a more radical move away from the current situation. (adjective) The plan will not be easy and requires a radical change in the culture of the city.

Synonyms: adjectives: fundamental, profound. revolutionary. nouns: rebel, anarchist.

Academic Word List Sublist and Group: 8 D