Writing Uploads

Student Writing Uploads

Below is a list of your students’ writing uploads from tasks that are not part of our pre-prepared course tasks. These are files that your students have uploaded. To give feedback, under the title column select ‘view’ then download the file. Select the points (see ‘Points Grading’ below the tasks) and then ‘Update and Approve’. Finally, select the comment number to leave a comment with an uploaded feedback document. If the student has completed an essay or report that is from a pre-prepared task on our courses, please go to the Writing Tasks page.
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Points Grading

5On target: consistent work of this quality should see you achieve your target band score
4Close to target: you may need to improve certain aspects of your writing if you wish to reach your target
3Needs work: there are a number of areas that should be improved for you to reach your target band
2Far from target: you may need to give yourself more time to prepare for the test
1Incomplete task