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Essay writing is a skill that even native speakers find difficult. We must learn how to brainstorm and plan our arguments with relevant supporting ideas, use linking words and phrases to make those ideas flow, and paragraph our answer correctly so that the essay is easy to read.

Study these aspects of essay writing with our lessons below.

The Basics

This is what an IELTS Task 2 essay question may look like.

Students shouldn’t study art and music in school because these subjects are a waste of time and resources. It is better if they learn subjects that are more practical. 

To what extent do you agree?

We must write an answer in 40 minutes and reach a word count of at least 250 words. For key essay writing tips and a quiz, follow this lesson:

Learn more about the format of the IELTS writing test below.

Our Free IELTS Writing Task 2 lessons

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Task Examples

View our example essay tasks with suggestions to help you write your essay.

Band Descriptors

How do examiners judge your essay to be very good or very weak? Find out with these lessons.

Essay Structure Series

These lessons will teach you how to structure your essay into organised paragraphs.

Essay Types Series

These lessons guide you through the different types of essays you find in the IELTS writing test.

Essay Organisation Series

This series will teach you tools to help organise your essays.

Essay Language Series

Learn the important language you need to express yourself clearly in your writing.

Linking Ideas in Essays Series

Study how to connect your ideas with linking words.

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