IELTS Vocabulary

On this page find lessons on how to improve your vocabulary for the IELTS test.

The Basics

A good vocabulary is so important to achieve success in the IELTS test. Knowing synonyms and the art of paraphrasing will help improve your score in all the skills tested. In the speaking and writing exams, vocabulary is 25% of the final band score.

On this page we will teach you the important academic vocabulary you need to know for the IELTS test, and how to learn new words so that you can use them confidently and correctly.

Begin with our key vocabulary lessons below.

Vocabulary Lesson Series

Everyday Collocations

Collocations are words that are often found together, with no particular rules to join them. Below are the most common collocations that you need to know.

Vocabulary in Context

These lessons build on our Academic Vocabulary Series by giving you more practice learning words based on their context.

Key Academic Vocabulary

Our Academic Vocabulary lessons will teach you how to expand your vocabulary by identifying meaning, grammar and collocation of new words in texts.


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