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Earn up to £15 for each course that you sell. Join our team and earn money from anywhere in the world!

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What are our courses?

We offer online self-study IELTS writing courses. They are written especially for students who are aiming for an IELTS band 7 or higher who want to apply for work or study in English speaking countries. Unlike textbooks and other online courses and materials, IELTSTutors courses are fully interactive with a wide variety of lesson and exercise types.

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How much can a Sales Agent earn?

Sales Agents earn £5 to £15 for each Writing and Writing Plus course sale (see image). The more sales that you make, the more that you earn. We do not charge any fees, so you keep all the commission.

How does it work?


Join our team and we will send you a unique Sales Agent coupon code


Give your unique code to students.


The students enter your unique code when buying a course to receive discounts.


You will receive payment for each course purchased by a student with your coupon code.

What is a coupon?

Coupons are codes unique to each Sales Agent. Students use the codes when purchasing courses on This gives the student a 20% discount on our Writing and Writing Plus courses (see image).

Do I have to buy the coupons, and when do I get paid?

We give you as many free coupons as you want. There are no hidden payments for Sales Agents. Sales Agents are paid monthly, one month in arrears, through paypal (preferred) or other payment systems.


Who can be an IELTSTutors Sales Agent?

The answer is anybody!
We are happy to accept people from anywhere in the world. If you or people you know have frequent contact with IELTS students, this is a great opportunity for you to make some extra money!

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How do I start?

After you complete the form below, we will send you details of the Sales Agent agreement by email. After you sign the agreement, we will send you your unique coupon code and the details of our courses and prices that you can give to students.

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