IELTS Listening Test

Find information and tips to improve your skills, and do a complete guided IELTS listening test.

The Basics

What you need to know about the listening test:

  • The test takes 30 minutes, with an extra 10 minutes for transferring answers from the question paper to the answer paper.
  • The test is the same for Academic and General candidates.
  • You only hear the recording once.
  • The test has 4 sections which get increasingly more difficult. 

You can find out more about the format of the IELTS listening test below.

We have two tests, both with answer guides. The first test is interactive and the second test contains a complete audio tour. If you want general tips for the test, choose the lesson below.

Practice Test 1

This test is interactive, with an answer guide.

Section 1

Part 1 | Filling in a form
Part 2 | Labeling a Map

Section 2

Part 1 | Completing a table
Part 2 | Multiple choice

Section 3

Part 1 | Flow chart
Part 2 | Short answer

Section 4

Part 1 | Completing a summary
Part 2 | Matching lists

Practice Test 2

A Complete IELTS Audio Guided Listening Test

Do our complete guided listening test using our IELTSTutors tips and answers to give you a great understanding of how to do well in the IELTS listening test.

The test is from the British Council website. We have added an audio guide and answer explanations to help learn more about what strategies to use and why you might make mistakes.

On this page you can see the question paper and tapescript. Try not to look at the tapescript until you have finished the test.

To start the test, choose section 1 below and begin the audio.

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