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This page contains links to all the free IELTS and Academic English lessons on this site. Each lesson contains interactive exercises that provide instant online feedback so that you can quickly develop your language skills.

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Writing Task 2

Task Examples

View our example essay tasks with suggestions to help you write your essay.

Band Descriptors

How do examiners judge your essay to be very good or very weak? Find out with these lessons.

Essay Structure

These lessons will teach you how to structure your essay into organised paragraphs.

Essay Types

These lessons will explore the different essay types that you find in the IELTS test.

Essay Organisation

These lessons will show you how you can use thesis statements and topic sentences to improve the organisation of your essays.

Writing Task 1 | General

Letter Writing

Improve your success at letter writing by completing these lessons.

The Audio Guide

This is taken from the IELTS British Council website. We have added an audio guide and answer explanations.


Key Grammar

These lessons aim to improve your fundamental English grammar knowledge.

Gerund or Infinitive

These classes will help you understand when it is correct to use a gerund (verb+ing) and when you should use an infinitive (verb 1).

Comparatives and Superlatives

Learn the grammar for comparatives and superlatives here.

Complex Noun Phrases

If you hope to get a band 7, understanding noun phrases will give you a big boost. Learn more with the lessons here.

Band 7 Grammar | Clauses

A clause is a group of words that typically contains a verb phrase. Students aiming for band 7 will find it easier if they have a good understanding of clauses. To help you, we have built these series of clause lessons.

Band 7 Grammar | Clauses 2

Learn all about relative clauses here.

Band 7 Grammar | Clauses 2

Our final clauses series looks at participle clauses.


Key Vocabulary

These lessons are designed to help you with many aspects of the IELTS test.

Essential Collocations

Collocations are words that are often found together, with no particular rules to join them. Below are the most common collocations that you need to know.

Academic Vocabulary

Our Academic Vocabulary lessons will teach you how to expand your vocabulary by identifying meaning, grammar and collocation of new words in texts.

Vocabulary in Context

These lessons build on our Academic Vocabulary Series by giving you more practice learning words based on their context.

Academic Collocations

These are more advanced collocations for use in academic contexts.

Big Quizzes

These are 10 question quizzes that test a range of your language abilities.