Listening Test Audio Guide Series

IELTS Lessons, written by Sam Morgan and Tom Speed

This is a complete IELTS listening test, taken from In this post we will teach you how to answer the questions in section 1 of the test.
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Listen to the guided listening recording and work along with us. 

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Complete the Notes

​Questions 1 to 5 ask us to complete notes with a number or no more than two words. Before we listen, we have time to read the notes.

IELTSTutors Tips | Before We Listen:
​In the time before we listen, we should think about:

  • The speakers – Who are they? Where are they? What will they talk about?
  • The information that belongs in the gaps – Should it be a word, a name or a number?
  • ​How many words can we use?

​Let’s try these strategies on the test questions. Do these yourself first, then check to see if you have the same answers.

​IELTSTutors Notes

Who are the Speakers?

The information is about transport, so the conversation is probably between someone who wants travel advice and a travel agency.

What information belongs in the gaps?

1) ‘leaves at…’ suggests the missing answer is a time. (Note: If the preposition was ‘leaves from…’ then the answer would probably be a location.)
2) ‘Nearest station is…’ indicates that the answer is a location.
3) A bus goes to a place, so the answer is likely to be a location.
4) This note starts with ‘Number…’ so the answer is probably a number.
5) Similar to question 1, ‘leaves at…’ is for time.

How many words can we use?

We can use no more than two words and/or a number.

Now we are ready to listen. Follow the tips below.
​IELTSTutors Tips | As We Listen:

  • When we find our answer, we should write what we hear.
  • To save time, we should write numbers as figures (“7”, not “seven”).

​IELTSTutors Answers


9.30 (am)

‘if you can make the 9.30am express, I’d recommend you do that.’



‘Helendale is the nearest train station to you.’



​‘Option one would be to take the 706 bus from the Bayswater Shopping Centre to Central Street.’


(NUMBER/NO./#) 792 

‘The 792 will take you to the station.’


8.55 (am) 

Be careful here – the speaker says ‘I’ll be sure to get on the five-to-nine bus.’

It looks like our predictions were correct. Well done if you had the same ideas as us.
Now we have our answers, we should check our spelling, especially for Helendale and Central Street. 

Complete the Table

Press the play button below to continue the guide.

IELTSTutors Guided Listening Test 6-10.mp3
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​Questions 6 to 10 ask us to complete a table. We have some time before we listen to study the table.


​IELTSTutors Tips | Before We Listen:
Before we listen we should think about:

  • The instructions – How many words can we use?
  • The headings and the examples – What kind of information is needed? Are they nouns/verbs etc?
  • The answers – we should try to guess what the answers might be.

IELTSTutors Notes

How many words can we use?

We shouldn’t use more than one word and/or a number for each answer. If you write more, you don’t get the point.

​What kind of information is needed? 

​Probably transport information (nouns and times) and prices (numbers). Let’s look at the gaps one by one and guess the answers.

What might the answers be?

​6) There is a dollar sign so it must be a price. The heading also uses the word ‘fare’, meaning price.

7) pm indicates that the missing information is a time.

8) Like 6), the heading is card fare, so the missing information must be price.

9) This is more difficult to guess. It is probably a noun, a type of ferry. The transport below uses the word ‘Tourist’ so it could be an antonym (an opposite word) like ‘local’.  

10) For $65 you get a whole day on the tourist ferry, so for $35 it is probably a half day trip or something similar.

Now it’s time to listen.
​IELTSTutors Tips | As We Listen:

  • Use the information that is already in the table to follow the recording so you are prepared for the gaps.
  • Write your answers in the gaps using words from the recording. Are they similar to you guesses?​​

IELTSTutors Answers



‘you can get a ticket on the bus for $1.80 cash’. It’s a price, as we guessed. 



‘start your return journey before 5pm or later than half past 7 in the evening’. It’s a time, as we guessed. Notice the speaker says ‘half past seven’, not ‘seven thirty’. We should be prepared for these differences.



‘your return train journey would only cost you $7.15 with your card’. Like we guessed, it’s a price.



‘If you’re thinking of the Harbour City ferries that go back and forth between the north and south bank, those are the commuter ferries’. It’s a noun, as we predicted. Commuter means travelling to and from work regularly, so it’s an antonym to tourist.



We decided on the afternoon tour and that was $35 each’. We guessed ‘half day’ and were nearly right, the answer is afternoon.

Remember to check your spelling, then we can move on section 2.