Speaking Part 1 Series

IELTS Lessons, written by Sam Morgan and Tom Speed

​In part 1 of the IELTS speaking test you must answer questions about yourself.
We will first look at some questions and example answers, then identify the useful linking words that join the ideas in each answer.

Read the following questions. How would you answer them?

  1. Do you live in a house or an apartment?
  2. Is a sixteenth birthday a big celebration in your country?
  3. What games do you enjoy playing?
  4. Where do people like to go on holiday in your country?
  5. Is the appearance or comfort of a jacket more important to you?
  6. Do you like travelling by train?
  7. Where do you come from?
  8. Are you studying or do you have a job?
  9. Which sport is most popular in your country?
  10. Do you like taking photographs?

​Exercise 1

​Which answer goes with which question?

A) Yes, it is. Although, generally people celebrate their eighteenth more as that is when you are said to become an adult.
B) That’s easy. Without a doubt it’s football, because my country is totally football mad.
C) Actually, you might think I’m strange but I really like jackets which keep me warm and comfortable, a good appearance is a nice bonus!
D) I’m not really into games, but I occasionally play PlayStation games with my young relatives.
E) Actually, I’m living in a dormitory at the university where I study.
F) Well, people in my country like to visit places where they can go hiking or cycling or do other outdoor pursuits.
G) Right now I’m studying at university because I only finished high school last year. I want to improve my English so I can continue my studies abroad.
H) Yes, I do. I love taking photos of people doing interesting things, although, funnily, I don’t like being in photos myself. I get very self-conscious. I like taking photos of people working or going about their daily life so I recently bought a good zoom lens which helps me to take these kinds of photos.
I) I like it except when there are delays involved.
J) I’m originally from a small town in the southwest which is located just outside of Madrid.

​Exercise 2

Let’s look at some of the answers in exercise 1 again. Click on the words in each sentence which link ideas grammatically, then click again in the boxes below. There are 15 words that you need to find.
​A) Yes, it is. Although, generally people celebrate their eighteenth more as that is when you are said to become an adult. 

In answer A there are 3 linking words: [Although] [as] [when]

Click on a linking Word, then click again on the box below

Exercise 3

Listen to a conversation between the examiner and the candidate about drawing and art. When you finish, complete exercise 3 below.​

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​Complete the conversation between the examiner and the candidate with the linking words from the box.
so   ·  but   ·  although   ·  because   ·  except   ·  so   ·  actually   ·  and   ·  which  
Click or touch a word above
1. Are you good at drawing?
2. Well, I really enjoy painting I’m not really any good at drawing.
3. Did you learn about art at school?
4. Art at school? Not really. we had art classes, we weren’t really very focused and the teachers weren’t interested in us we just messed around most of the time.
5. Would you like to learn more about art?
6. I would like to learn more about how to create art improve my painting skills. I’m not really interested in the history of art for when the artists were crazy or unusual, like Van Gogh, for example. From what I understand, he had an interesting life I would like to know more about him.
7. Should young people study art at school?
8. I went to a school wasn’t very good at teaching art and so I didn’t really gain anything from it. I do think it is important that art is part of the curriculum though, it can help students see the world in a different way and it is important that students learn more than just facts and figures at school. If a love of art and creativity is nurtured at school, it could last throughout the person’s life.


​The candidate says:
‘I do think it is important that art is part of the curriculum’.

​‘Do’ is used to make the statement more emphatic (stronger). This technique should not be used too often but if you have a strong opinion then it is correct to use an emphatic ‘do’ to explain it. Give it a try!