Listening Test Series

IELTS Lessons, written by Sam Morgan and Tom Speed

The IELTS listening test typically begins with a telephone conversation and form filling questions. In this lesson we will show you tips for how to fill in a form, before you practice with IELTS test questions. 

Filling in a form – IELTSTutors Tips 

​Before you listen, read the instructions carefully. Think about.

  • What is the maximum number of words you may write?
  • Can you write numbers?
  • How many questions do you need to answer in this section?

​​Next, read the form that you will fill in. You must try and predict some of the information before you listen as this will help you to work out the answers as you listen. Think about the following points.

  • What is the topic of the conversation? (for example, booking a train ticket)
  • Who are the speakers? (what is the relationship between the two, for example, teacher and student)
  • Where are the speakers? (for example, in a shop or on the phone)
  • What do the speakers want? (for example, one wants a ticket, the other wants to make a sale)
  • What kind of words do you need to write? (names/numbers/prices/etc.) 

Let’s follow these tips on the questions below. Answer the questions in the tips box above, then press play on the audio below to start section one of the test.

Listening Test Section 1.1 Motorbikes.mp3
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Question 1 – 8
Complete the form below.
Write NO MORE THAN 3 WORDS AND/OR A NUMBER for each answer.

Notes – Jim’s Motorbike hire

Type: touring motorbike

1. Rental per day: 1) per day
2. Rental per week: 2) per week
3. Late return Fee: 3) per day
4. Deposit: 4)
5. Accessories: £30 per day 5) rental
6. £25 per day for a single 6) (the bike can carry a maximum of three)
7. Cover for theft or damage: 7) included in price
8. 8) cover at an additional price

For a band 6, you should be aiming to get around half of the questions correct. If you are unsure about any answers, listen again and use our answer guide below to help.

Click/touch to see the answer guide

This is normally the easiest section of the test so the answers are quite clear in the recording. 

1) Jim says that ‘We have a BMW F800 at £145 per day…

2) ‘…or £650 per week.

3) Jim says ‘There is a late return fee on that of £250.

4) ‘The deposit for this model is £2000… Sorry, my mistake, its £1750‘ Notice here that Jim corrects his first answer. You must be aware in the listening test that the speaker may correct themselves, so stay focused even if you think you already have the answer.

5) ‘We have a helmet at £30 per day.‘ The word order here is different to the word order of the notes, but the meaning is of course the same.

6) ‘…a dry bag at £25 per day…

7) Jim states ‘The insurance is included in the price.‘ Notice that the notes don’t include ‘the‘ as we are writing in a note taking style.

8) Jim informs us that ‘…unless you go overseas. We have an extra rate for international trips.‘ This question is more difficult as it expects you to know that ‘extra rate‘ has the same meaning as ‘additional price’. ‘Overseas‘ and ‘international‘ are synonyms and either of them is an accepted answer.