Grammar | Band 7 Noun Phrases Series

IELTS Lessons, written by Sam Morgan and Tom Speed

To review what we have studied so far, make sure to visit our lesson on Complex Noun Phrases 1. Remember that complex noun phrases are nouns made from many words. 

In this exercise, ​complete the following complex noun phrases with the correct preposition. The complex noun phrases are in bold

Complete the Complex Noun Phrases

1. The fact the matter is that we will have to ask people what they think.
2. When I was a child I lived in a second floor flat a narrow staircase that lead to a garden at the back.
3. My teacher told me the most important meal the day is breakfast.
4. Big improvements literacy were noticeable in some developing countries.
5. Who would like a slice cake?
6. The best results the school leaving tests were seen in private schools.
7. The most important factor this debate is the cost of the various options.
8. The proportion people interested in becoming secondary school teachers is falling.
9. There was an increase the number of people taking the bus to work over the period.
10. The number people moving to the big cities is decreasing.
11. The rainfall Spain mostly occurs in the north.
12. The business the corner of this street went bankrupt.
13. People complained because there was a large amount pollution caused by the new factory.
14. It’s a great family car excellent safety features.
15. There are special courses students who struggle with academic subjects.

Correct use of complex noun phrases can really impress the IELTS examiner, so make sure you practice these phrases so that you can easily remember them!

Be sure to check out the next lesson in the series – Complex Noun Phrases 4 – where we will compare higher and lower band speaking part 2 answers.

We hope you found today’s quiz useful. For more great grammar exercises, visit our Grammar page.