Grammar | Comparatives and Superlatives Series

IELTS Lessons, written by Sam Morgan and Tom Speed

Remember the rules from quiz 1:

An examiner and candidate are doing the first part of the speaking test.

Complete the dialogue by choosing the appropriate form of the adjective (adjective / comparative / superlative).

Complete the Dialogue

Examiner: Let’s talk about the place where you live. Do you live in a city, town or village?
Candidate: At the moment I’m living in Cambridge. It’s a city in England, which is famous for its university.
Examiner: How long have you lived in Cambridge?
Candidate: I have only lived there for 2 months. I have been studying English and preparing to take the IELTS test at a language school there.
Examiner: Is Cambridge to your hometown?
Candidate: Not really. I’m originally from Delhi in India. Obviously, Delhi is a much city than Cambridge. The population is also very of course. Although Cambridge has many different nationalities due to its status as a world leading university, it feels less diverse than a huge city like Delhi. Delhi is one of the cities in the world.
Examiner: What differences are there in terms of architecture?
Candidate: The differences are very marked. Cambridge is for being one of the university towns in England and so it is full of old buildings and is very beautiful. Delhi is also an city and is also full of interesting buildings but from a totally different architectural tradition. The respective religions of each city have strongly influenced how they look. In Cambridge you can see many gothic style medieval buildings while in Delhi you can see ancient Hindu temples and mosques and palaces from the Islamic era. However, Delhi is also a big business hub these days and so is rapidly becoming one of cities in South Asia and so there is a rapid increase in the number of high rise constructions in the city.
Examiner: Will you live in your hometown again?
Candidate: Yes, I will. I plan to study an MA in business in England but then I will certainly return to Delhi as my family are all there and the city has some of work opportunities in India. It is much to find a good job there than almost anywhere else in the country and I love the lifestyle of the city. I plan to settle and raise a family there eventually.
Examiner: Thank you, now I’d like to talk about…

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