IELTS Grammar

This page contains important grammar lessons for academic English and the IELTS test. Click on the buttons to try the different lessons and interactive exercises.

The Basics

Grammar is a very important part of the language you need to get a high IELTS band score. This is especially true in the writing and speaking parts of the test, where for a band 7, around 50% or more of the sentences you produce should be without grammatical errors.

Begin your journey to better grammar with our Key Grammar lessons below.

Key Grammar

These lessons are interactive, with answer explanations.

Gerund or Infinitive

These classes will help you understand when it is correct to use a gerund (verb+ing) and when you should use an infinitive (verb 1).

Comparatives and Superlatives

Study the grammar for comparatives and superlatives here.

Band 7 Clauses Lessons

A clause is a group of words that typically contains a verb phrase. Students aiming for band 7 will find it easier if they have a good understanding of clauses. To help you, we have built these series of clause lessons.

Clauses 1 | An Introduction

Clauses 2 | Relative Clauses

Clauses 3 | Participle Clauses

Band 7 Grammar | Complex Noun Phrases

If you hope to get a band 7, understanding noun phrases will give you a big boost. Learn more with the lessons here.

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