Type: verb, noun

Definitions: (verb) If you stress a word, part of a word, or a note in music, you make it louder than other words or notes. (verb) If you stress something, you say that it is very important. (noun) Stress is extra volume that you use in a word or in music. (noun) Stress is extra attention or importance that you put on something. (noun) Stress is physical pressure that gradually can cause things to break (noun) Stress is emotional pressure that makes you worry because things are not going well.

Examples: (verb) You should stress the second syllable of the word ‘photography’. (verb) I have repeatedly stressed the importance of hard work, but luck is also helpful. (noun) Put more stress on the first syllable of the word ‘photograph’. (noun) Psychology puts stress on the childhood causes of adult problems. (noun) Sitting puts an unnatural stress on the back and shortens the neck. (noun) Plants under stress from lack of water or disease are the most likely to attract problem insects. (noun) Death is a time of great stress for family and friends.

Synonyms: nouns: anxiety, worry. force, weight. force, weight, importance. verbs: emphasize, underline.

Academic Word List Sublist and Group: 4 E