Type: noun, verb

Definitions: (noun) A release is something that is let go. (noun) A release is a version of something that is put up for sale or that the public can use. (verb) A company releases something when they let the public start using it. (verb) Someone releases something when they put it out into the world (discharge it). (verb) If someone releases something, they let go of it; they stop holding it and set it free (let it be free).

Examples: (noun) There was a release of young dolphins into the wild this morning. (noun) The film is a brand new release. (verb) They released the new smart phone later than they wanted to. (verb) They released thousands of gallons of polluted water into the river each month. (verb) He was released after two years in prison.

Synonyms: verbs: let go, let out, free. discharge. produce, publish. nouns: product, publication. freeing, liberation.

Academic Word List Sublist and Group: 7 A