Type: noun, verb

Definitions: (noun) A register is a particular style of language used by a certain group of people or in certain situations. (noun) A register is an official list of names. (verb) If a measuring instrument registers a value, it shows that value. (verb) If you register a complaint, protest, etc. you make your opinion known formally. (verb) If you register someone or something, you put their name on a list.

Examples: (noun) Speeches are usually given in a very formal, almost written register. (noun) The government is reviewing the national register of births, deaths, and marriages. (verb) The change was so small that it didn’t register. (verb) The thermometer registered 42.5 degrees. (verb) It’s important to register a complaint if you are not happy with something. (verb) Please take a moment to register your software with the company. (verb) I haven’t registered for September classes yet.

Synonyms: verbs: sign up, join, enroll. indicate, show. nouns: list, registry.

Academic Word List Sublist and Group: 3 E