Type: noun, preposition

Definitions: (noun) A plus is a plus sign: + (noun) A plus is a good thing. (preposition) You use plus after a number to mean “more than” or “over”. (preposition) You use plus when you add numbers or things.

Examples: (noun) You don’t have to write the plus in front of positive numbers, but always write the minus in front of negative numbers. (noun) On the plus side, the internet allows us to access almost all of human knowledge. (preposition) The small country has a population of 3 million plus. (preposition) The margin of error is plus or minus one per cent. (preposition) The farm has over 5,000 horses, plus a few cats and dogs.

Synonyms: prepositions: and, extra. nouns: advantage, benefit, bonus.

Academic Word List Sublist and Group: 8 D