Type: verb, noun

Definitions: (verb) If you phase something in, you introduce it step by step. (noun) If things are in phase, they are working, moving, or changing together. (noun) A phase is stage in a process.

Examples: (verb) We will slowly phase the new teaching methods into our classes so that teachers have time to adapt. (verb) Over the next few years, all farm support was slowly phased out. (noun) When rays of light are in phase, they become brighter. (noun) Teenagers often go through a phase of being attracted to someone of the same sex. (noun) As the war enters its final phase, the role of the UN will probably become more important. (noun) We will look at very basic ideas during the first phase of training.

Synonyms: nouns: period, development, stage. verbs: introduce, add.

Academic Word List Sublist and Group: 4 E