Type: noun, adjective

Definitions: (noun) A medium is an area of artistic expression. (noun) A medium is a person who believes that they can communicate with people who are dead. (noun) A medium is stuff that something moves through. (adjective) A medium amount is an amount that is not small and not large, but in the middle.

Examples: (noun) Music is a medium that allows almost direct communication with our emotions. (noun) He wanted to express his ideas through the medium of dance. (noun) I don’t believe those mediums can really hear anything. (noun) Light can go easily through any transparent medium, such as water, glass or air. (noun) Sound waves speed up when they go through the medium of water. (adjective) Would you like a small, medium or large drink?

Synonyms: adjectives: average, fair, normal. nouns: surroundings, conditions, ambience. psychic, clairvoyant. form, style.

Academic Word List Sublist and Group: 9 D