Type: verb, adjective

Definitions: (verb) If something matures, it becomes fully developed. (adjective) If movies, books, etc. are mature, they are meant for adults because they contain violence, sex, etc. (adjective) If something is mature, it is fully developed. (adjective) Some kinds of food, such as wine, cheese, or fruit are mature when they are ready to eat or drink. (adjective) A living thing is mature if it has stopped growing physically. (adjective) Someone is mature if they act like an adult.

Examples: (verb) These problems have been solved as the technology has matured. (verb) Education has helped her mature into an intelligent young woman. (adjective) Mature films should not be watched by children as they may process what they see in a destructive way. (adjective) Television is a mature technology. (adjective) The mature cheese is a little more expensive. (adjective) A mature female is about 30kg. (adjective) Some believe that most 18 year olds are not mature enough to start university education.

Synonyms: adjectives: adult, grown-up, sophisticated. adult, grown-up. sophisticated, developed, complete. adult, grown-up. verbs: develop, evolve, blossom.

Academic Word List Sublist and Group: 9 C