Type: noun

Definitions: (noun) Generation is the creation of something, often electricity. (noun) A generation is a class or type of object usually developed from an earlier type. (noun) A generation is the average time between one when group of people were born and when their children were born, roughly 20–30 years. (noun) A generation is all the people or things of about the same age.

Examples: (noun) We need to increase electricity generation to match the growth in population. (noun) The increase in new power generation has not kept up with demand for electricity. (noun) A new generation of personal computers is about to arrive in stores. (noun) During previous generations, travel was not so easy. (noun) My father belonged to a generation of travelers who saw the world before there was a McDonalds on every corner.

Synonyms: nouns: era, age, breed. version. creation, production.

Academic Word List Sublist and Group: 5 B