Type: noun

Definitions: (noun) The foundation of a group, business, country, etc. is the act of starting it. (noun) A foundation is an organisation that collects money to do good things. (noun) The foundation of a building is the solid base that is under it and that supports it. (noun) The foundation of something is the basic ideas or work behind it.

Examples: (noun) The company has double in size every year since its foundation. (noun) The Open Software Foundation has opened up laboratories to test software. (noun) They dug solid foundations, spending a lot of time pouring concrete into four pits. (noun) Her education gave her a solid foundation in all the major subjects. (noun) These early inventions laid the foundations of modern radio technology.

Synonyms: nouns: base, groundwork, support. charity, institute. beginning, creation.

Academic Word List Sublist and Group: 7 E