Type: verb, noun

Definitions: (verb) If you file something, you rub it with a file to make it smooth. (verb) If people file somewhere, they go there in a line. (verb) If you file a complaint, you make an official complaint. (verb) If you file papers or documents, you put them away in an organised way in one place. (noun) A file is a tool with rough sides that you rub against something to make it smooth. (noun) A file is a line of people. (noun) A file is a set of information that can be opened, changed, and saved by a computer program. (noun) A file is a set of papers or records on a specific issue, person, etc.

Examples: (verb) She went to the store for a manicure, to file and polish her nails. (verb) Before the film started, people filed into the cinema. (verb) People are beginning to file complaints about the air quality in the towns where they live. (verb) You should file important documents that the bank sends you. (noun) He used a file to take the sharp edges off the table. (noun) It is polite to make a file as you wait to into the cinema. (noun) Some files cannot be easily shared between Apple and Microsoft computers. (noun) The police already had a detailed file on the suspect.

Synonyms: nouns: directory, folder. data. line, queue. verbs: catalogue, arrange. register, enter. rub down, grind.

Academic Word List Sublist and Group: 7 A