Type: verb, noun

Definitions: (verb) If you encounter someone, you meet them to play a game or fight a battle. (verb) If you encounter someone, you meet someone, usually unexpectedly. (verb) If you encounter problems, difficulties, etc., you experience them. (noun) An encounter is when two people or groups meet to play a game or fight a battle. (noun) An encounter is a meeting, usually one that you don’t expect.

Examples: (verb) If one tribe of chimps encounters another, there will often be a fight. (verb) At night the battle ship encountered enemy planes. (verb) In the store I encountered my teacher. (verb) When he did encounter problems, he always knew how to fix them. (verb) This is the first time the country has encountered drought (no food from lack of rain) in 15 years. (noun) This is the fifth World Cup encounter between these two teams. (noun) There are nearly daily encounters between the army and protesters. (noun) I had a pleasant encounter yesterday: an old friend of mine visited me. (noun) My job was really the result of a chance encounter with an old friend, now my boss.

Synonyms: nouns: meeting. fight, argument, dispute. verbs: experience, find, run into. meet, find, run into. fight, attack, confront.

Academic Word List Sublist and Group: 10 A