Type: noun, adjective

Definitions: (noun) The dynamics of a situation or group are the ways in which it can change itself. (adjective) If someone is dynamic, they take charge and get things done; they have a lot of energy. (adjective) If something is dynamic, it is changing, usually quickly.

Examples: (noun) The ability for people to give feedback to the government is an important dynamic in a democracy. (noun) The dynamics of the doctor-patient relationship are complicated because health is an important topic. (adjective) Picasso obviously had a more forceful and dynamic personality than Braque. (adjective) He was a good worker, but often unnoticed because of his more dynamic coworkers. (adjective) The city centre is very dynamic. There is always something new and interesting happening there. (adjective) Communication is a dynamic process in which the changing situation affects what you say and how you say it.

Synonyms: adjectives: active, changing, energetic. active, energetic.

Academic Word List Sublist and Group: 7 C