Type: verb, noun

Definitions: (verb) If a team drafts someone, it chooses them to play on the team. (verb) If a state drafts someone, it chooses them to be in the military. (verb) If you draft a letter, memo, agreement, etc., you write one that has been or may be edited. (noun) A draft is a wind that blows inside a building. (noun) A draft is when the military or a sport team chooses its members. (noun) A draft is a piece of writing which has been or may be edited.

Examples: (verb) The team drafted her because she was an excellent shooter. (verb) He was drafted when he was 20 and spent two years fighting in France. (verb) You should have the contract drafted by a lawyer. (noun) Close the window! That cold draft is making me sneeze. (noun) Many Americans moved to Canada to avoid the draft during the war. (noun) In the first draft of the story the characters names are all different.

Synonyms: gust. verbs: write, pen.

Academic Word List Sublist and Group: 5 A