Type: noun, verb

Definitions: (noun) A person’s conduct is the way they act or treat others. (verb) If something conducts electricity, it lets the electricity move through or along it. (verb) The way you conduct yourself is the way you act or treat others. (verb) If you conduct music, you stand in front of the musicians and show them how to sing or play. (verb) If you conduct an activity or process, you do it or carry it out.

Examples: (noun) This teacher clearly broke the schools rules for professional conduct. (noun) Killing a person, for any reason, is a criminal act and such conduct must not be allowed. (verb) Glass is a good insulator because it will not conduct electricity. (verb) I hope the children will be able to conduct themselves well at the party. (verb) He conducted the new symphony orchestra. (verb) The university makes sure that research is conducted properly. (verb) The war made it very difficult to conduct business.

Synonyms: verbs: do, organise. behave. nouns: behaviour, manner.

Academic Word List Sublist and Group: 2 E