Type: verb, noun

Definitions: (verb) If you bond two things, you connect them. (verb) If you bond with someone, you form a special relationship. (noun) A bond is a financial document promising to pay a certain amount of money. These are often bought and sold. (noun) A bond is a connection between two or more things. (noun) A bond is a connection between two people because of love or friendship.

Examples: (verb) The individual carbon atoms in a diamond are bonded together extremely strongly. (verb) Breastfeeding helps the baby bond with its mother. (noun) The new benchmark ten-year government bond yielded 6.3%. (noun) It took her many years to break free of the bond of guilt. (noun) The heat created a bond between the plastic and the metal. (noun) War can often build strong bonds between people who suffered or fought together.

Synonyms: nouns: connection, cord. connection, hold. guarantee, contract. verbs: connect.

Academic Word List Sublist and Group: 6 B