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Have Ready-Made Interactive IELTS Courses on your Website from just £100

We can set up courses on your website, so you can offer your students high-quality flipped-learning courses or additional supplementary materials for classroom learning.

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How does it work?

By the end of this process, you will have online courses with interactive lessons that your students can access on your school website. These lessons can be used to supplement your current courses or as material in a flipped classroom setting.

Try our demo lesson to see the possibilities, or visit our demo site.

Place our courses on a subdomain of your website

What are the steps?



Use our ready-made courses as a template, or request a fully bespoke course for your institution.


Send us your school logo and any images of your school and teachers that you want included in the course.


Decide what modifications, if any, you want to make to the lessons and finalise the courses.


We will move the courses and learning management system onto a subdomain of your website (for example, ready for your students.

What course templates are available?

These are complete courses that can be placed on your website. More coming soon!

After completing the form at the bottom of the page, we will give you private access to the courses so that you can assess their suitability for your students.



Pay a one-time $100 setup fee, then earn 50% on all course sales.

If you wish to offer courses to your students for free, let us know when you fill in the form below, as this will alter the terms of the pricing.


Course template with advanced customisation
  • Keep 60% of the profits on course sales
  • Lessons based on course template
  • Advanced* customisation of each lesson, at a cost of £25 per lesson
  • Personalized with your school logo
  • £100 one-time payment for subdomain setup


Custom courses unique to your school
  • Keep 80% of the profits on course sales
  • Lessons made for your school based on materials you provide
  • Each lesson is made from the ground up, at a cost of £60 per lesson
  • Personalized with your school logo
  • £100 one-time payment for subdomain setup

*Basic customisation includes removing lesson slides and making minor changes to lesson exercises and lesson wording.
*Advanced customisation includes making extensive changes to lesson slides and exercises, including the adding of additional lesson material.

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Complete the form below to get a quote or to ask us any questions you may have. After form submission we will give you personal access to the courses to determine their suitability.

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