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Teenage conflict with their parents

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Some people view teenage conflict with their parents as a necessary part of growing up, whilst others see it as something negative which should be avoided.


Discuss both views and give your own opinion.



There is no doubt that conflicts between adolescents and their parents are happening. While some people believe these conflicts are destructive to family relationships, others argue that they are essential for maturing. This essay will discuss both sides of the argument and explain that I partly agree with the latter view. However, it depends on constructive conflict management.


Those who believe fighting between parents and their youth has a damaging impact on the foundation of family life. This impact may affect relationship breakdown, and as a result, there are more and more conflicts between themselves, which can cause teenagers to tend to break the law; for instance, teenagers catch driving without a license and permission from parents. Moreover, parents might adopt too many strict rules about their teenage behaviors. For example, they limit their teenagers’ access to phones and other media. And as a consequence, the whole thing can have negative results for both sides.


While it is essential that family relationships not break up with their teenagers, I believe that if the conflict between parents and adolescents is managed, teenagers could be developed their social and emotional connections. It is because they criticize any topics with each other and can learn how to manage their behavior in some situations in the future. To illustrate this point, when they conflict with their colleagues at work, they can handle disagreement and find a solution for this.


In conclusion, although family relationships are important as it is the basis of family life, I believe we should handle conflict constructively because doing so develops the skill of life.

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Hi everybody, Please correct my writing. Thanks a million in advance 😍 😍 

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Hi Nima, sorry for the delay. We are building a lovely new website and it is slowing things down a bit. Here is my feedback:

Your first sentence is not necessary because it is very obvious. You can change it to something a little more interesting: 'Conflicts between parents and their teenage children are common across all cultures.'

In your thesis statement you can combine the sentences with a semi-colon ...; however, ...

I feel that the tone of the thesis statement is inconsistent because you write 'this essay will...' and then use a personal pronoun 'I'. You do not need to write 'This essay will discuss both sides of the argument' because it is implicit in the way you have introduced the topic. You can focus instead on giving your opinion: 'I believe that some conflict can be beneficial to growth but with some caveats.'

In your first body paragraph you need to develop your ideas. You write that conflicts 'can cause teenagers to tend to break the law', but you do not explain why, and instead move to the next argument. It is better to have fewer arguments that are well developed than more arguments that are poorly developed.


'Parental conflicts can cause teenagers to tend to break the law. This often happens because the child learns from the parent that violence is an acceptable solution to problems.'

In the second body paragraph, it is not clear what 'It is because they criticize any topics with each other' means. This is a very important argument in your essay so you must take time to make the language clear. Do you mean this:

Teenagers can develop their social and emotional connections. This occurs when disagreements between children and parents are solved in amicable ways. When this happens, the child begins to learn the importance of essential qualities such as honesty and empathy. In future life, they can use what they have learned to resolve disputes constructively.

The key is to develop your argument with clear explanations that justify your opinions. Make sure that you read English news articles (the guardian is a good free source of news) to develop your language awareness (and boost your reading skills!).

I hope this helps.



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