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Agree and disagree question type

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Hi Sam, I have a question in regards to how do we make clear to reader that  we are going to write a balanced essay in the introduction in an agree disagree question. Is it a must to say " I neither agree nor disagree"?


Thank you very much


Juan M.

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That is a great question. There are many ways, one of which is to explicitly say 'I neither agree nor disagree'. The more common way is more subtle; we simply say that both sides have valid arguments. Here are some examples:

While I believe homeschooling can produce very capable students, we have consider the importance of social development that occurs in traditional schools.

Although studying abroad can help us learn the languge much quicker, I believe that it is still very possible to become a fluent speaker when remaining in our home country.

As you can see, these thesis statements tell the reader to expect a balanced essay. The opinion of the writer is cleary defined as a balanced opinion, without needing to explicitly write 'I niether agree nor disagree'.

I hope this helps.




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