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Grammar questions

Timur Yarol
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I will try to put as much as my grammar questions here in order to not spam the forum with new topics all the time.


The first one I have is related to an exercise I tried to do on my own. It was about a small group of people and it was then possible to count the people from the exercise. Then, at one point, I ended writing: The 3 last person... 

My question is then: Is it grammatically correct to use the word "person" with a number higher than one? As an instance: I would like to book a table for 2 person, please.

In my native language (French) the word "personne" is the translation of "person" and we use the same word as a plural so it might confuse me because of that reason. I know that grammatically I should say:

I would like to book a table for 2 people, please.

So it will really help if I can have the confirmation that there is no way of using the word person in a plural context.


Thank you. 

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Sorry for the late reply Timur, we missed this one. We would almost never (in any IELTS related context) use 'person' as a plural unless we wanted to be very formal (and old-fashioned):

'There are 4 persons of high intelligence in this class' is a very old-fashioned and formal way of talking. Nowadays we say 'There are 4 highly intelligent people in this class'.

We sometimes use 'people' as a plural, however:

'The peoples of Indonesia live on fertile, volcanic land'

This means that there is more than one group of people - peoples. Note that this is very formal, academic language.



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