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list of heading and mcq's

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iv'e a issue in list of headings and mcq's as well, time management is also a biggest problem for me.

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Hi Happy, have you been through our reading course. These are our suggestions:


1. It is best to answer this type of ‘gist’ question before moving onto ‘detail’ questions such as short answer questions. This will save you time as when you move onto detail questions later, you will know where in the text to find the answers. IELTS test questions are often (but not always) organised in this way. 

2. Read the instructions carefully. What exactly do you have to write on your answer paper?

3. Familiarise yourself with the list of headings.

4. Look for and underline keywords/phrases in each heading. As you do this think of synonyms for the key words. Be careful of headings that seem similar. Think about what makes them different.

5. Skim over the passage to get the overall gist of each paragraph and match the headings to the paragraphs as you read. Reading the first and last sentence of each paragraph should help you to do this. Don’t get stuck on words that you don’t understand, this type of task is about the general meaning.

6. In the test, write your answers on your answer paper straight away. You will not receive any extra time to transfer your answers.


Multiple Choice

Step 1: Skim all the questions briefly to get an idea of the topics which you will need to look for.
Step 2: Read the first question again carefully. Underline the key words. Is the question asking you for a particular detail that you need to find in the passage? Or is it asking you for an answer which requires an understanding of the whole passage?
Step 3: Locate the answer by skimming/scanning the passage in the appropriate manner. Then read carefully to find the answer.


Of course you need to practice frequently. If you know all the strategies and practice time management, the issue may be that your base level of English needs to improve. This naturally takes time so it's always good to be patient with yourself. If you get stressed, you will enjoy learning less and your progress will be slower. 

I'll email you some other reading practice materials.


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