Academic Writing Task 1

Writing Task 1 (Academic) Courses

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In task 1 of the Academic IELTS Writing test, we are asked to summarize the information displayed in a diagram. The diagram can be a chart (pie/bar/line), a table, an illustration of a process, a map or an object.

The courses below will prepare you for these task types.

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Complete Academic Writing Task 1

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Now with advanced writing feedback for two tasks. Learn how to describe data, processes and maps tasks to reach band 7+ in this complete course.

7 modules and tests, 37 lessons.

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Study Diagram Tasks

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These lessons cover tasks that ask us to describe diagrams in the form of processes or maps.

9 lessons | 7 hours | FREE

Practice Tasks

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Practice what you have learned in our other task 1 courses using this collection of task 1 practice tasks.

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Study Data Tasks

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Learn the best ways to describe the different task 1 data charts, orgainse your report and upgrade your vocabulary and grammar.

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